Friday, August 7, 2009

Another foggy friday

Photo by myself.

It's friday! This is August and the weather sucks! How is this possible? At least today is friday (only 1 more week at the clinic!). I hope you have a terrific weekend, with an excellent weather and good company (I know I will, at least the company part). Enjoy!


  1. Does the fog dissipate at noon?

    Hope the last week of work goes smooth!

  2. Hi Cristóbal! Yes, usually the fog dissipates at noon. It is also normal to have fog on the riverside, and a sunny day with blue skies on downtown. For me it's an ambiguous situation. I live near the river, so I have great views, but I also get the worst weather. In the end, I think it's a winning situation, specially if you don't get depressed with the grey weather.

  3. Hello from London!

    What can I say it's just like London! Ha ha...