Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another sunset...

Photo by myself.

This is a strange (although beautiful sunset). During the summer months it's normal to watch sunsets like this one, with a purple and orange mist.

I will work until the 14th of August, then I'll take 2 weeks of holiday. I don't know yet, where are we going to, but I would like to make a road trip to the french atlantic coast. Let's wait and see... And you? Are you on holiday? Where are you going to?


  1. We often get purple here too. No complaints from me, it's absolutely gorgeous.

  2. My favorite shades of sunset are the green ones, but you have to go the seaside to see it (I live in the middle of mountains).

    I was in holidays until Monday. I have to wait until December to go on holidays, and it seems I'll be going to Argentina to buy books and do sightseeing.