Wednesday, June 17, 2009

38 years old!

Yesterday was my birthday! I will try to post some photos of it, today. What is your idea of an old person? At what age you become old?

Traffic jam, on the right side of the road! lol

A couple waiting for the breakfast. The woman is talking alone, while the man is checking his messages (how rude can this be?).

The west part of the city, is always a popular destination. You can go there just for a walk, for jogging, eating or shopping.


  1. Wow, Parabéns :) Feliz cumpleaños!

    My idea of an old person??? Mmm... it's hard to describe because it's so relative. Probably when you stop being "young at heart".

  2. My parents were old when they were 20 years younger than the age I am now.

    Yet, I am not old now

    Does that make seance?