Thursday, June 11, 2009


Photo by myself. The streets are empty on the old city. Yesterday was the national holiday. The weather was terrible, and the 6Km run was cancelled. Today we have another holiday! It is a religious holiday. This is year (on my 37 years of life, this is the first time it happens) the two holidays happened on two consecutive days! I read somewhere that Portugal has holidays like no other country on EU. I really don't know what to think about this. A holiday is a good thing, but in times like the one we are living I think we should try to work harder and don't shut down a country for almost a week. What do you think about this, do we have too much holidays?


  1. We've had quite a lot of public holidays in may too in France. Maybe Portugal and France are the winners ! And I guess we're also the same for the bad weather !

  2. the old part of town looks very quaint.
    at our office we started not working on Fridays because of the economy. It's been a mixed blessing.

    It's great to have another day to be able to get errands done, but it's been raining so often here, every Friday has been terrible weather. The extra day makes all my coworkers nervous and it feels like we only work 1/2 a week. Very unsettling!