Sunday, June 28, 2009

Other places...

Today, I was looking for a new photo to post, and I found some photos of my last trip to NYC. This photo was taken in central park, on January 2008. NYC is one of my favorite holiday destinations. Where do you like to go on your holidays? Have a nice Sunday!


  1. I have been to NYC lots of times, and I loved it. It is such a diverse city, and I love to people-watch there.

    My favorite place for holidays? CITIES! I'm not much of those places to disconnect from the world. I prefer connecting to a new one. I'm even saving money to go to Europe.

  2. ah! I thought it looked familiar!!

    I like how you've caught the pond just as it's freezing over. It wasn't too cold on your visit, was it? I always feel badly for those visiting in the winter months.

  3. Well, it was and I loved it! I think I'm a strange guy. I love the cold, so when I can I try to visit NYC on January! My wife hate it, but the "shopping factor" is irresistible! lol