Friday, July 10, 2009

The fishermen's angel

Everybody have their own superstitions. My country (most part of the population is catholic) has strong believes regarding the divine protection. The fishermen are probably the most devoted. A few years ago, a portuguese artist made this statue to protect the fishermen. What do you think about this? Does the religion have a place in a world full of blogs, myspace, twitter, etc... ? Happy weekend!


  1. most definitely! & this is a lovely statue.

  2. Sometimes, it doesn't. However, most people come closer to religion when they are in a BIG problem (not that I'm religious...).

    Is that a statue of either St Peter or St Paul? I know they are the saints of fishermen (at least here).

  3. Heavenly photo! Yes, religion has a place in our modern techno world. Everyone has his/her own definition of religion or faith. God is twittering you TC!