Sunday, July 19, 2009

Porto Bike Tour 2009

Photo by myself (iphone photo).

I took some photos to the "Porto Bike Tour 2009" ( It was a very hot day, but everybody was very happy with the event (probably for getting a bicycle for 50€!). Anyway, for 1 day in the year we could use the freeway, cross the main bridge (Arrábida) and having a great time! I also made a short video, while I was driving in the opposite direction (sorry for the lousy quality, but I used a photo camera!).



  1. Fun biker photo! I like to see local, annual events which CDP bloggers post!

  2. If I were in Porto, I'd probably join the race, but just for fun. How many km did they do?

  3. Hi Cristóbal! I think the bikers did 11,5 Km

  4. Are you sure that we can get a bicycle for 50€? I thought that it was just a loan. Can you tell me more about the event?