Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two cities, one bridge.

Photo by myself.

The story of Porto is full of episodes related to the sea, the river, and the bridges. When this bridge was build, lots of people from everyplace in the world, came to see the bridge collapse during the inauguration day! As you can see, that didn't happen! In the XIX century, during the Napoleonic invasions, the french army was halted in the city, by the destruction of the "ponte das barcas" (a bridge made of several boats linked together). To feed the portuguese and the english army, the people of Porto ate the animal's (cows) guts, giving the meat to the soldiers. That's why today, we are known as the "Tripeiros" (or gut eater), and we are proud of it!

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  1. Dear gut eater! Great photo!
    Interesting story about the bridge. A bridge over the Mississippi River connects Minneapolis with St. Paul and therefore our two biggest Minnesota cites are called the "Twin Cities."